SpecMiata Area 4 Regional Tournament - S.M.A4.R.T.


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SMART Prizes

Sponsorship and Driver Prizes:

The following sponsor merchandise will be distributed to SMART competitors throughout the 2004 season. How and when the prizes are distributed is TBD, but it is intended to be distributed in equal proportion to both podium and non-podium finishers alike. We also intend to make the sponsor goodies available throughout the series schedule, saving only a little of it for the bitter end. Especially the TIRES ... we want to give those babies out so you can start using them!

The SMART Series ... the series for people that open their holiday presents early :)

Courtesy of Toyo Tires:

Courtesy of Carbotech:

Courtesy of AIMTuning and 2002 CENDiv Champ Shane Benson:

Courtesy of Frisby Performance Tire:

Courtesy of Whittle's Performance Parts:

Courtesy of Bendix:

Courtesy of Grassroots Motorsports Magazines:

SMART Sponsors

In the fall of 2003, Toyo Tires became the banner sponsor for the SMART series. This benefits all in the series by eliminated registration fees, as well as, providing a chance to win some famous Toyo Tires! The Toyo RA-1 tire has become a favorite of the hobbyist racers by providing consistent performance over a very long life. It has become the spec tire of choice in the SpecMiata class for many of the drivers. The RA-1 is also a very forgiving tire. It does not flat-spot very easy, does not require a break-in heat cycle, and is predictable as it approached breakaway. The SMART series is more than happy with the declaration of Toyo Tires as the banner sponsor. Check out their website at www.toyo.com.

Carbotech brake pads have been gaining ground throughout the amateur racing circuits in America. Check out their website at www.carbotecheng.com.

AIMTuning is a race and street performance shop located near the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Specializing in service for Subaru, Porsche, and Mazda, especially Miatas, AIMTuning can provide technical support both on and off the track. Check out their website at www.aimtuning.com.

Frisby Tire is the Midwest's longest road racing tire dealer. With over 20 years of service to the racers, Frisby offers the sports great brands: Toyo, Hoosier, Falken, Goodyear, and more. Check out their website at www.frisbyracetire.com.

Backstreet Performance utilizes a DynoJet Dyno for measuring the power of your powertrain. Located in Medina, Ohio, Backstreet also provides service at locale events. Check out their website at www.backstreetper.com.

Whittle's Performance Parts sells some of the best safety equipment availble. Helmets, suits, harnesses...all the safety equipment you need. Check out their website at www.whittlesperformance.com/.

Grassroots Motorsports Magazine is a publication for the amateur racer. The magazine provides insightful articles about classes that racers are interested in. Check out their website at www.grmotorsports.com.