SpecMiata Area 4 Regional Tournament - S.M.A4.R.T.


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Why Race the SMART Series?

The SMART Series can be summed up in one simple run-on sentence: SMART is the "Toyo-tires-only Spec Miata series counting points from the most popular SCCA, NASA, and WHRRI races from IN, OH, MI, and Western PA".

The goals of SMART are to:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does it cost to be a SMART entrant?
A: NOTHING! ZIPPO! ZILCH! As SMART's banner sponsor, Toyo Tire is defraying the series overhead to make it zero-cost for the entrant. You have nothing to lose!

Q: What make a SpecMiata a SMART-legal car?
A: Any SM running Toyo Proxies RA-1 tires at an event on the SMART Schedule is eligible for SMART Points and Prizes. All you have to do is REGISTER and give up some sticker space on your SM for our sponsors. Did we mention that it's FREE!?

Q: Does SMART compete with the CENDiv Regional Champ Series (CDRCS)?
A: No. SMART does not compete with any other series. In fact, many competitor's cars will be displaying both CENDiv CDRCS and SMART series stickers and compete in both series at the same time. Whereas CDRCS cars may choose one of four tires (Toyo, Hankook, Kumho, or Hoosier SM), SMART Points will only be counted for cars on Toyo RA-1s.

Q: How is the SMART schedule determined?
A: We have taken the entry lists of every event held in SMART's target geographical region, and determined which races are most popular. From this list and feedback from our entrants, the final schedule was determined. Our goal was for any SMART entrant to be competitive by going to his nearest tracks, plus the centrally-located and universally-loved home of the SCCA Runoffs: Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course. The 2004 SMART Series Schedule can be found HERE.

Q: How are the SMART points determined?
A: We have benchmarked the most successful regional points series' in the country, combined the best ideas from all of them, and polled the drivers in the area to tweak things to a final form. The challenge is to find a system that most drivers can be competitive in, while still encouraging drivers to make as many races as they can. The result is a formula that ask only that you run 6 weekends to "max out" the number of events you can count. The more cars you beat, the more points you get...Mid-Ohio matters! The SMART Points Formula can be found HERE.

Q: Yeah, yeah, yeah...whatever... HOW DO WE GET THE GOODIES???
A: As soon as you start your THIRD race (i.e. 1.5 weekends of racing) you become eligible for SMART Prizes. Your name goes into the hat every time you race. Your name comes out each time you win a prize. The more you run, the more you win! Tires, brakes, fluids, the stuff you need most that costs you the most. For more details, check out our SMART Prizes page HERE.

Q: How are the SMART sponsors helping?
A: Our SMART sponsors are helping with gift certificates, merchandise, discounted services, and charitable contributions to our driver's favorite charities. The SMART motto toward sponsor goods is "Even if you lose, you win!".