SpecMiata Area 4 Regional Tournament - S.M.A4.R.T.


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2004 S.M.A.R.T. Specifications

SMART is only a points-counting organization, we don't run the races. As long as your car is entered in an event listed on the SMART schedule, AND your car is shod with Toyo RA-1's, you are eligible for SMART Points and Prizes. You may run any tire you wish as long as it is a Toyo RA-1 in the 205/50-15 size.

In the event that more than one SM class is on track at the same time, all SMART-legal cars will be counted as one class. Ex: For a NEDiv race running SM and SSM, SMART points will be given as if all SMART-legal cars are one class.

Any penalties or disqualifications issued by the sanctioning body will be recognized by SMART, and must be handled entirely between the driver and the sanctioning body. Similarly, driver protests must be handled through the sanctioning body. All we do is count points according to the final results of all the cars on Toyos!

Any issue not covered by the above rules is to be dealt with at the sole discretion of the SMART Steering Committee. We'll probably use rock-scissors-paper tournaments to resolve final disputes.