SpecMiata Area 4 Regional Tournament - S.M.A4.R.T.


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Frisby Race Tires

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Frisby Race Tire and the SMART Championship have teamed up to offer a deal for those SMART drivers that buy their tires from Frisby. For every set of Toyos that a SMART racer buys from Frisby, they will receive a $20 rebate on a future set of Toyos from Frisby. In addition, racers are still eligible for the $15 per tire rebate from Toyo itself. Picking the tires up from Frisby at an event they are supporting* will save you another $40 per set. This means that you can get a set of Toyos for as low as $560 for shaved/$500 for rains PLUS a $20 rebate for a future set of tires after all other rebates. Racers must be signed up to receive the $20 rebate from Frisby.

* Frisby is currently planning to support all Grattan races on the SMART schedule.

Quick Summary:
Note that these prices are rounded off, so actually prices might be a few dollars more or less. Call Todd at Frisby for an exact quote - 1-800-798-7201. And, as always in our capitalistic environment, all prices are subject to change.

Click HERE to sign up for the Frisby Contingency.